Permanent GNSS stations

The Yebes Observatory has two GNSS stations, "YEBE" and "YEB1", belonging to the National Geodetic Network of GNSS Reference Stations (ERGNSS), form by approximately 100 permanent GPS/GNSS stations that are distributed throughout the Spanish national territory. YEBE Station has a Trimble Net R9 receiver and a TRM29659 antenna. This antenna is part of the Spanish ERGNSS network and is also included in the EUREF Permanent GNSS network (EPN), the International GNSS Service (IGS) network and the TEIDE network (Canary Islands). YEB1 Station has a Leica GRX1200 receiver and a LEIAR25 antenna and is integrated in the Spanish ERGNSS network.

Santa Maria has two permanent GNSS stations integrated in the IGS, EUREF and Azorean (REPRAA) regional networks. AZSM Station, part of the REPRAA Azorean regional network, is based on a Leica GRX1200GG Pro receiver and a LEIAT504 LEIS antenna. RAEG station is based on a Leica GR25 receiver and  AR20 antenna.

The coordinates of these stations are calculated using scientific precision software. The stations are equipped with multi-frequency geodetic receivers, with reception capacity of other constellations, such as GLONASS or GALILEO and geodetic antennas, almost all "Choke Ring" type and with calibration of the phase center variation.