Santa Maria

João Salmim Ferreira{ _ at_ ]

Station Manager

Abel Garcia Castellano

abel.g.castellano{ _ at_ ]

IGN - Scientific Project Officer

As telecommunication engineer, Abel likes everything related to technology, especially radio frequency systems. That’s why he had worked in radioastronomy, where the RF technology development is very significant. Currently, he is working for RAEGE-AZ, developing work in receivers, VLBI backends and servomechanisms areas.

Diogo F. Avelar

diogo.f.avelar{ _ at_ ]

+ATLANTIC - Scientific Project Officer

Diogo has a MSc in Electronics and Telecommunication from Aveiro’s University. Passionate about fishing, Diogo started his own fishing business, after finishing his MSc, in his hometown Flores Island, Azores. Currently, Diogo moved to Santa Maria to work as Scientific Project Officer for RAEGE-AZ in his area of training.

Mariana Santos Moreira

mariana.cs.moreira{ _ at_ ]

AIR Centre – Scientific Project Officer

As an Aerospace Engineer, Mariana is an enthusiast about Space Technology. Oceans and nature were always a crucial part of her life, which makes her a passionate person for the environment and an enthusiast in the study of our planet. Currently, Mariana is working as a Scientific Project Officer for RAEGE-AZ, developing research work in Geodesy, Geophysics and Earth Observation areas.

Nuno Soares Mata{ _ at_ ]

IT & Administration Officer

As an IT Technician Nuno is an enthusiast about electronic devices (computers, consoles, mobile phones). Are some of the passions Nuno’s has, how they work, how can he improve them makes him an enthusiast about IT. Currently, Nuno is working for RAEGE-AZ as an IT Technician & Administration and his main function is maintaining the proper functioning of the IT Systems in the Station.

Ernesto Valério Pacheco{ _ at_ ]

Maintenance Technician

Valério is passionate about mechanics. At one point, he even had a car maintenance company. Nowadays, he worked as Maintenance Technician at RAEGE Santa Maria

Sérgio Braga Chaves

sergio.b.chaves{ _ at_ ]

Maintenance Technician

As Maintenance and automotive mechanic, Sérgio has always been passionate about cars. After finishing his course, he worked in automotive mechanics field, where he developed some personal projects. Nowadays, he works in the maintenance of RAEGE Santa Maria.

Raquel Lopes Ribeiro

raquel.l.ribeiro{ _ at_ ]

Marketing & Communication

Raquel Lopes Ribeiro has a bachelor’s degree in Creativity and Business Innovation from Porto Accounting Business School. After finishing her graduation, she started taken many online courses about Social Media, Digital Marketing, and even Photography. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she helped some small businesses start their online stores to help them increase sales during the lockdown. Since 4th January 2021, she started working in RAEGE Santa Maria Station as a Marketer.

Gran Canaria